More easy! Application process added【BMBM Naming Contest】More easy! Application process added.

Are you enjoying the ongoing “BMBM Naming Contest” at the moment? 🥳

For those who may not be aware yet, let me briefly explain.

We have an event called the “BMBM Naming Contest” for an upcoming NFT project called “Bansho – Magic Beloved Maiden (abbreviated as BMBM)” that will be available on the Cardano chain.
The main characters of this project don’t have names yet, and we’re inviting everyone to submit naming suggestions.
If your suggested name is chosen, you’ll receive a BMBM NFT as a reward! 🎁

If you don’t already have a wallet compatible with the Cardano chain, we won’t be able to send you the prize.
So, along with the naming suggestions, we had asked you to apply for a wallet address in advance, but…

We’ve realized something.

Creating a wallet can be a bit of a hassle, can’t it?

We want even those who don’t originally have a wallet to participate with ease… Right, we can just ask for the address later from the person whose naming suggestion is chosen! 💡

So, here’s the update.

Adding a new way to participate in the naming contest.

We will keep the existing submissions process as it is and also provide a new entry method.
(Event duration: Until October 9th)

  1. Please log in to X (formerly Twitter).
  2. Mention the official Bansho-Shinra account @anetarouNFT.
  3. Post with the tag “#BMBMネームコンテスト” and include your naming suggestion. Please make it clear which character’s naming suggestion it is.

※ Please submit a naming suggestion for one or more characters out of the six. You don’t need to propose names for all the characters.

That’s all there is to it! 👍

Characteristics of the existing submission method:

  • Submission involves a reply plus the use of a Google Form.
  • A wallet compatible with the Cardano chain is required.
  • Upon submission, participants acquire a place on the BMBM NFT whitelist/allowlist.
  • Naming suggestions are being collected for each character one at a time.
  • The deadline for submissions for the last character is October 2nd.

Characteristics of the added submission method:

  • Submission is done through mention only.
  • No wallet is required initially (it will be needed if you win).
  • Participants won’t acquire a place on the BMBM NFT whitelist/allowlist through this method.
  • Naming suggestions are sought for all characters simultaneously.
  • The submission period will end on October 9th.

Please note that the submission periods for each character are different as follows.

[Attention] The method for selecting the names has been changed from “final selection voting by BMBM NFT holders” to “selection by the BMBM development team.”

Finally, please take a look at the character profiles and the beginning of the manga for each character.😉
(There is still no English version. I’m sorry🙏)