Let’s give a name to the main characters of BMBM!【BMBM – Naming Contest】

With the ambassador system in place, Bansho – Magic Beloved Maiden (BMBM for short) is finally running!

BMBM is a collectible art NFT project that combines parts to create cute and sexy maidens, but apart from the random art maidens, there are six main characters.
In fact, a comic featuring the girls is in the works! 😉

…Oh, Wait a minute…

No one has a name yet!!💦

Sheesh! We can’t draw comics! 😱
Have to decide on a name soon!

…So, we will hold it!

【BMBM Naming Contest】

Please let us know the names you come up with!

How to apply

You must be logged into X (formerly Twitter) to apply.
Since many of you may still be unfamiliar with X, this article will use the terminology used when it was Twitter.

  1. During the event, please find, 💖 & RT the tweets in which the ambassadors have made announcements.
  2. In addition, please reply to the tweet found in #1. In your reply, please include name idea and the tag “#BMBMネームコンテスト”.
    For example, something like this👇

  1. Please fill out the application form with the required information. There’s a field to write the URL of the tweet you made in #2.
  2. Please join the Bansho-Shinra Fan Server on Discord and wait until the vote (optional).

※ When coming up with a name for a character, you can have or not have a last name.🙆‍♀️

List of Ambassadors’ X Accounts (titles omitted, in no particular order)

【What is Ambassador?】
Ambassadors are people who support BMBM’s promotional activities.✨
When a BMBM NFT is purchased, a portion of the proceeds are kicked back to the ambassador who referred the purchaser.
For more information, see the article “【BMBM】Now accepting applications for ambassadors.“.

Event Period

September 15 – October 2, 2023
(There are six eligible characters, but applications will be accepted one at a time.)

[ Update ]
If we determine that we haven’t received a sufficient number of entries, there is a possibility that we may extend the event period or reschedule it for another day.

  • date 15 to 17th: Character(1)’s name wanted.
  • date 18 to 20th: Character(2)’s name wanted.
  • date 21 to 23th: Character(3)’s name wanted.
  • date 24 to 26th: Character(4)’s name wanted.
  • date 27 to 29th: Character(5)’s name wanted.
  • date 29 to next 2th: Character(6)’s name wanted.

What happens when you become a godparent?

The name submitted will be chosen and the godparent of the character will receive a BMBM NFT.

This is not just any NFT. It is a one-of-a-kind NFT with the same parts configuration as the character you name.

As her godparents, you can be her daddy or mommy!✨

Announcement of Results

The tally and results will be announced after the BMBM NFT sale. (the date of the sale has not yet been finalized at this time)

The BMBM development team will narrow down the list to a few candidates and then hold a deciding vote by the holders to determine the name of each character.
We plan to make adjustments so that the more BMBM NFTs you have, the more influence you will have on the voting process.

Regardless of the number of BMBM NFTs, those who participate in the voting will receive a commemorative NFT at a later date.

We have decided to change the selection method, and the BMBM development team will now determine the names.
Due to this decision, the distribution of commemorative NFTs for the voting participants is suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience 🙏.
We will inform you of any future opportunities!

All applicants will receive the right to purchase BMBM

All applicants will receive the right to purchase BMBM NFT without omission unless the form is incomplete.(equivalent to White list/Allow list)

Please become a BMBM holder and participate in the runoff voting.