BMBM NamingContest results announced!

Thank you very much to the 56 participants in total who took part in the BMBM Naming Contest to determine the names of the six main characters of BMBM! 😊
We appreciate your participation.

We have taken a bit more time than anticipated for the selection process, but we are finally ready to make the announcement! We apologize for the delay.

(If you’re curious about what kind of event it was, check it out here👇)

(For those wondering, “What is BMBM?” check it out here👇)

So, without further ado… their names!

※ The names are also provided in Roman letters. Please note that the spelling in English has not been finalized and may be subject to change in the future.

Number 1 is… No selection!

Unfortunately, among the naming suggestions received for No.1-chan, who is planned to be the protagonist in the manga version, none managed to capture the hearts of all the judges 🙏.

We plan to hold a second naming contest (tentative title) at a later date to once again seek naming suggestions.
Please stay tuned for further updates!

Thank you for your submissions!

Number 2 is… “サイラ” (Saira) !

For the design of the No.2-chan with a somewhat Kunoichi-like appearance, many naming suggestions with a Japanese touch were received in comparison to other characters.

Among them, the chosen name is… “サイラ・鷲頭” (Saira Washizu).

It’s a cool name that suits the refreshing hair color perfectly.

Thank you for your submissions!

Number 3 is… “エミリア” (Emiria) !

The mischievous-looking No.3-chan, sticking her tongue out playfully.

Perfectly suited to the sense of troublemaker she gives off, she has been named “Emiria Ribatei”.
It seems like she could play a role as a mood-maker as well.

Thank you for your submissions!

Number 4 is… No selection!

The No.4-chan, the only one among the six with elf ears and dressed in layers due to being sensitive to the cold.
Similar to No.1-chan, no name was selected for her this time.

Although there were many appealing naming suggestions, finding one that combines “ease of use” and “uniqueness” is quite challenging! We look forward to the next round of submissions.

Thank you for your submissions!

Number 5 is… “藍瑠” (Airu) !

For the No.5-chan, who gives off a neat and tidy impression, there were numerous naming suggestions with a refined, ladylike touch. Particularly, the name “一ノ瀬 藍瑠” (Ichinose Airu) fits well with the image of black hair.

As her profile is currently shrouded in mystery, it leaves us wondering whether she is truly a young lady!? It’s quite intriguing.

Thank you for your submissions!

Number 6 is… “ラナ” (Rana) !

The adorable No.6-chan with a shy smile has been named “ラナ・エアルベス” (Rana Earubesu), a name that garnered enthusiastic support from half of the judges!

“Rana!” “Rana-chan!” “Rana-senpai!” There are various easy and imaginative ways to address her, It sparks the imagination about what kind of character they are.
We look forward to the day when her profile is revealed.

Thank you for your submissions!

Look forward to the presentation of BMBM NFTs!

For those whose submitted naming suggestions have been selected, we plan to present BMBM NFTs as a token of appreciation.

Distribution is expected after the sale, but for those we haven’t obtained wallet addresses from yet, we’ll contact you shortly from Bansho-Shinra.
Please prepare a wallet compatible with Cardano and stay tuned.

There will be more opportunities to acquire BMBM NFTs and AL/WL in the future!

We have provided an easy-to-follow video explaining how to create a wallet recommended by Banshomura below.
If you’re having trouble choosing a wallet, be sure to check it out.