【BMBM】Now accepting applications for ambassadors.

The “Ambassador System,” an initiative to kick back a portion of the proceeds to those who support the promotional activities of the NFT project “Bansho – Magic Beloved Maiden” (BMBM) from Bansho-Shinra, will be implemented.

We briefly explained this in a recent X(Twitter) space, but this article will provide more details and specifics on the necessary procedures, so please take a look if you are interested in NFT and BMBM!

Learn more about BMBM🧙‍♀️

【Application period】
September 5, 2023 – September 11, 2023 (in Japan time)
※ Plans for a second round of applications have not yet been determined.

Kick back 10% of the proceeds!

To purchase BMBM NFT, you must be introduced by one of our Ambassadors.(You must apply for WL/AL in advance using the dedicated form)

Ambassadors will receive 10% of the proceeds generated by BMBM NFTs purchased through oneself after the sale.

There is no limit to the number of referrals or the number of BMBM NFTs.
You will also qualify yourself to purchase a BMBM NFT.(It means you can buy it at a real 10% discount)

Anyone can be it if they want to be!

There are no requirements to become an ambassador.
Anyone can become an ambassador by contacting us during the application period.

The reason we do not set conditions is that most of us at Bansho-Shinra are creators and do not have the connections or money to effectively advertise.
But we want this project to succeed!
That is why we need your help.

Please help us to bring BMBM NFT to many people!

(If you do not have a wallet compatible with the Cardano chain, please prepare one. By the way, Metamask doesn’t support Cardano)

(If a person commits fraudulent acts such as impersonating another person after assuming office, or if a person has extremely poor conduct, his/her rights may be revoked after he/she is hired. Please conduct your activities in a clean and proper manner)

How to Become an Ambassador

Choose whichever method you prefer.

  • Contact the Founder, Anetaro directly.
    If you are a regular friend, please send a DM on X (formerly Twitter) or Discord saying “I want to be an ambassador!” and directly to Anetaro with the address of a wallet compatible with the Cardano chain.
    (First-time visitors are welcome.🙆‍♀️)
    Be sure to contact Anetaro, as other members may not be able to help you.
  • Write to a dedicated Discord channel.
    Please write the address of the wallet that supports the Cardano chain in the “#🙋bmbm-ambassador” channel on the Bansho-Shinra Fan Server.
    We will check and contact you for employment approximately within 24 hours.
    Please be careful not to write down the ETH address!
  • Collaborate with Bansho-Shinra
    Even after the application period has passed, Bansho-Shinra may invite those who have some kind of connection with us to join us.

If you are selected as an ambassador, you will be contacted individually with a unique watchword.
When you find someone who is willing to buy BMBM, tell that person the watchword you have.
(There is one type of watchword per ambassador. It does not change for each purchaser)

The method of promotion will be left up to the ambassadors.
(For example, a limited release somewhere, or a giveaway project on a social networking site, etc)

There are several Discord servers operated and managed by Bansho-Shinra, but it is the Bansho-Shinra Fan Server that will be the fan community for the NFT project. Please be careful not to make a mistake.

What people do when they hear the watchword

By entering the Ambassador’s “name” and “watchword” in the special form and applying for a wallet address, the BMBM NFT can be purchased.
(Failure to match the watchword will invalidate the application)

This application is intended to be done by the purchaser himself/herself.

You may be referred by several different Ambassadors and submit multiple applications, but only the last Ambassador to apply will receive a kickback.
The number of times a purchaser may submit an application does not affect the number of minted copies available.(It will be mintable up to the maximum in one procedure)

Please promote BMBM with us!

The BMBM team desperately needs people to help promote the BMBM NFT with us so that we can make it known to as many people as possible.🥹

Please run for Ambassador and introduce BMBM to your friends and acquaintances.

Best regards.