Bansho – Magic Beloved Maiden 【BMBM】

“Bansho – Magic Beloved Maiden” (abbreviated as BMBM) is a generative art NFT (PFP NFT) featuring expressively designed maidens by あづま, the official illustrator for Bansho-Shinra.

We’ve created a landing page packed information!

As of May 2022, we had planned to issue a total of 6,000 on the multi-chain.
However, considering changes in the situation and other factors, we have decided to significantly revise the specifications, including the sales schedule.

In the Bansho-Shinra fan community on Discord, we are showcasing daily art titled “Daily Maiden” starting from May 26, 2022.
Be sure to check out the “sneak peek” channel for a preview!

Sales schedule

DateYear 2023
ChainCardano (ADA)


Main characters

※ Some of the main characters still don’t have names determined.